In 1936, the company then known as Shimshon purchased vast expanses of land from residents of the Hartuv village with the intention of establishing a quarry and cement manufacturing plant.

Over the years, the plant developed into the second largest plant in Israel for manufacturing cement.

In the ‘60s, company ownership of the plant was transferred to Nesher and after 50 years was established as an independent company acquired by a group of Israeli investors.

The Hartuv cement plant covers an area of approximately 85 acres, while the quarries span an additional 250 acres.

Hartuv Cement’s annual production capacity is about 850,000 tons of cement, and the cement is manufactured to the highest standards in the industry.

The plant’s bond with the environment and the community is particularly strong and most of the factory’s employees are residents of the area. As an industrial manufacturing plant, Hartuv Cement places great emphasis on investing in technologies for improving the environment while fully complying with the requirements set by law and the regulations.

In addition, the manufacturing process is regularly monitored by both the plant’s control unit and external government agencies.

Our 80 years of experience in the cement industry and constant investment in technology, employees and community relations gives us the power to continue manufacturing high quality cement to hundreds of our satisfied clients.
Years of cement manufacturing experience
80% of employees are residents of the area
Bags of cement per year
Trucks leave the facility every month
More than 15% of the annual consumption of Israel
Tons of cement per day
Compliance with standards of product quality, operational processes, environmental quality safety and energy conservation
The facility covers an area of about 85 acres
Investment and cooperation with the community